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Dark Soldiers and Warriors
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I'd like to commission other artists and maybe one day, core membership ~

(C) J by PitchySoldier

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Liya Z
Artist | Student

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sprout emoticon by tontohYou can call me Peachy or Liya.
sprout emoticon by tontohIt's safe to talk to me. I don't kill people.
sprout emoticon by tontohI am actually the reclusive child, a shy introvert with social anxieties.
sprout emoticon by tontohAs you can see in my gallery, I am quite obsessed with my character J, or his name in his first life: Jędrzej. He is my definition of a perfect man.

sprout emoticon by tontohThe only animes I watch: Prince of Tennis, Red Garden, Fantastic Children, FMA - Brotherhood

sprout emoticon by tontohI'd like to believe that my art style is what they call "semi realistic cartoon" with some living doll and anime influences even though I never really watch anime.

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Terms of my art:
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioPlease ask for permission to use my art, unless I stated it's free to use. (Either note me or e-mail
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioIf you decide to use my art online, please link my artwork to the original source (my page).
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioDon't remove my watermark and please don't put your own on my artwork.
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioCopying my designs and tracing my art is not allowed.
(Taking inspiration from my art is fine as long as you mention me somewhere)

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My birthday badge


These are the songs of Liya's (my OC) soul.
Barbie - Made to Move doll - Purple top by PeachyProtistBARBIE - Made to Move doll! I bought it and unboxed it in class ;n; She is beautiful!
I am so happy to have her! I like how simple, basic and natural she looks.

She is more flexible than most Barbie dolls, having two articulations at the elbow and knee. Her torso area can move left to right//front back. Her hands can touch her face! (A lot of dolls somehow can't.) I have been waiting for a doll like this. Yessss!

The only thing I feel "eeeeeh" is that I don't like her pink lipstick. I'm thinking it's better if it was a darker shade of red. (I might edit her lips)

"I don't know what I fear the most
What I am, or what I'm not...

The chemistry of the fallen soul
That being broken...
Is what makes it whole."

This song describes J so much.
A Writing Meme by Avalon620
[This meme is recommended for those writers or visual artists who have numerous Ocs (Original Characters) and love to mess around with them.]


1. They must be your own OCs—no stealing from books, TV, movies or video games
2. You must credit me or link to the original meme. Feel free to send me a link if you want to share!
3. Don't be afraid to use OCs from different genres (i.e., A medieval fantasy character could be paired up with a Sci Fi or Fiction character)
This takes place in an unnamed void where no one will criticize you for genre-crossing.
4. If you make any changes to the meme, such as add or take away questions or character traits, please LET ME KNOW.
5. Stay true to your characters (& try to focus on them rather than the setting)

-- Did this one with EarlyOnion 

Chose your Participants (willing or unwilling):

1. The thoughtful one: Vic Vic by EarlyOnion
2. The grump: Jędrzej Face 1 - J by PeachyProtist
3. The ambitious one: Manel 35-17 Manel Reading by EarlyOnion
4. The happy-go-lucky: Sam 16A CH14 Sam wanna deal by EarlyOnion
5. The eccentric: Keresz Face 8 - Keresz by PeachyProtist
6. The dignified one: Adrià 34-81 Adria Meets Dandelion by EarlyOnion
7. The raunchy/disgusting one: Sage 16A - 'Sage' by EarlyOnion
8. The liar: LIYA Face 11 - Liya by PeachyProtist
9. The quiet/sombre one: Ireneusz Face 6 - Ireneusz by PeachyProtist
10. The sceptic/logical one: Krzysztof Face 9 - K by PeachyProtist


Leaf Bullet (Right) 1. The Ambitious one has to learn how to drive a new vehicle (car, bus, train, airplane, horse-drawn cart, whatever.) Describe the scene.
Manel: Oh! I want the horse! Hooraaaaayyyy... *rides off into the sunset*
Adrià: MANEL! Where are you going?! El meu Manel!!

Leaf Bullet (Right) 2. The Liar and the Grump are involved in a vicious prank war.
Liya: This is our everyday life, isn't it?
J: It's sad that it's not so special anymore. Show some hate, damn it!

Leaf Bullet (Right) 3. The Eccentric has challenged the Skeptic/Logical one to a duel with a ridiculous weapon of choice. Do they accept? What happens?
Sam nominates the spatula, while Sage nominates the mouse (for ridiculous weapons).

Keresz: It seems some people have already give us options for weapon.
Krzysztof: I don't have time for this... but... a mouse... *spends a long time wondering if the mouse refers to the rodent or the ones for computers*
Keresz: Maybe is a cooking duel...

(Rational Cake vs monstrous cooking??)

Leaf Bullet (Right) 4. Write out a conversation between The Dignified one and The Happy-go-lucky.
Sam: *looks at Adrià* So...uhm...
Adrià: No.
Sam: I haven't said anythin' yet.
Adrià: I must get back to work. So should you.
Sam: -_- Damn.

Leaf Bullet (Right) 5. The Quiet/Somber one has to live through the Raunchy/Disgusting one's typical day. How does that go?
Sage spends his day researching, smoking, and making inappropriate jokes.
Ireneusz: This is not what I am made for. I am unable to comply.

Leaf Bullet (Right) 6. The Thoughtful one decides to intervene in something they shouldn't have. What happens?
Vic: *smiles sheepishly* Welllll, what's new... I'll eventually squeeze myself out anyway...

Leaf Bullet (Right) 7. The Happy-go-lucky is heckled at a speech, comedy routine or karaoke performance. How do they react?
Sam would 'heckle back'.

Leaf Bullet (Right) 8. The Raunchy/Disgusting one has a job interview.
Sage: What are you talking about. I AM the job. Oh well. *Mesmerises interviewer and gets the job, only to quit later*

Leaf Bullet (Right) 9. The Ambitious one tricks the Liar into being in a theater production with them. What are the results?
Liya knew Manel was trying to trick her. She's used to theatre things so she's okay with it.
Manel: Wow! I have theatre production?? Wowwwww! (too busy getting excited) excited happy

Leaf Bullet (Right) 10. The Skeptic/Logical one discovers the mysterious admirer who has been sending them little presents is actually The Grump. Write out their (likely awkward) conversation.
Krzystof: You haven't changed, from 6 centuries ago. That's awful... h3h3Productions #triggered (chat/comment emoticon) 
J: Aren't you surprised that your admirer turned out to be your own brother?
Krzysztof: Knowing you, not at all. Now quit it with the gifts.

Leaf Bullet (Right) 11. The Quiet/Somber one discovers something shocking about the Dignified one.
Ireneusz finds out that Adrià is a masochist.
Ireneusz's reaction: "..."

Leaf Bullet (Right) 12. The Thoughtful one has to hide something from their parents.
Vic: M'man. That is such an evil joke. My parents are dead.

Leaf Bullet (Right) 13. The Eccentric is wanted by the authorities and has been on the run for a week. Describe day eight.
Keresz: They can't find me. I've hidden in the void. :smirk:

**Abrupt ending**
I slipped and fell while trying to clean up a mess that wasn't mine. Now my arm, legs and pelvis area hurt like hell. Bunny Emoji-73 (Tears) [V4] 

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